Real Stories

A Child's Story Elizabeth has cerebral palsy. This makes sitting up and walking difficult. TAD volunteers made her some special chairs and table sets to help her sit. TAD volunteers also made her a standing frame to help her learn to stand.

A Cyclist's Story Mitchel has cerebral palsy. He uses a wheelchair and walking frame. TAD made him a Freedom Wheels bike. The bike has extra support to help Mitchel ride. Mitchel has now ridden over 2,000 kms on his Freedom Wheels bike.

A Twin's Story Alec and Oliver are twins. They are 5 years old and like the beach. The boys have autism, a global developmental delay and Oliver has profound hearing loss. TAD made the twins a Freedom Wheels bike each. The extra parts on the bike helps them balance and get stronger. GIO Insurance supported some of the cost so they got their bikes at the same time.

A Volunteer's Story Ken Kirwood has volunteered at TAD for 11 years. He was a builder. He now builds equipment for people with disabilities. He works with the Men's Shed in Corrimal. He likes helping people.

A Therapist's Story Brendan Worne is a physiotherapist at TAD. He works with the volunteers to make sure the equipment will work safely with the client. Brendan liked sport growing up and liked working with people so became a Physiotherapist.

A Senior's Story John Boss uses a walking frame. John also likes to use a walking stick. When he goes to the busy shopping centres, he needs to use both. TAD volunteers made a walking stick holder for his walker. Now John can swap between his stick and walker easily.

A Donor's Story Douglas Kirkham visited TAD and watched a child trying a Freedom Wheels bike. Douglas loves cycling. When he saw the children enjoying their new bikes he decided to donated monthly to TAD so he could help more children with disabilities get special bikes.