The TADaid book shows the type and range of equipment that TAD can make for individuals with disabilities. Our devices are used in all aspects of life, including personal care, mobility, seating and posture, daily living, work, education, computing and recreation.

They are grouped into four categories; Easy To Order, Ready To Go, Individual Solutions and Freedom Wheels.

The Easy To Order section shows our established designs which can be customised to suit individual clients, mainly children. When ordering these items a dimension sheet is required to be submitted with your request. Printable versions can be found at the end of this page.

The Ready To Go section covers a small number of items that TAD has made regularly over time to a fixed design. They are not custom-sized and can be supplied quickly.

The Individual Solutions section showcases examples of one-off devices made in the last few years to meet client needs. Each item is individually specified and requires an assessment with a TAD therapist.

The Freedom Wheels section covers our modified bike service for children with disabilities. Each bike is individually specified and requires an assessment with a TAD therapist.

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Easy to print Dimension Sheets:

Body Dimensions Chart

Access Platform and Rail

Barry Standing Frame

Bath Seat Stand

Joey Chair and Table

Kangaroo Corner Chair and Table

Koala Corner Chair and Table

Lazy Squirrel Standing Frame

Linda Bath Seat

Matilda Bath Seat

Michelle Tilt In Space Chair

PLUS Supine Stander

Rawson Adjustable Chair and Table

Todd Bath Seat