A Cyclist's Story

Mitchel Olsen is 10 years old and is a member of the Southern Cross bike club with his younger brother Andy.

Mitchel has cerebral palsy and can't walk or stand independently. He gets around mostly in a wheelchair but when he gets on his Freedom Wheels bike, he can feel the thrill of riding. Mitch hit his target of riding 2,000kms at the end of 2013.

Watch a two-part interview with Scott Olsen about how his eldest son Mitchel has enjoyed added exercise and inclusion from his Freedom Wheels bike.

This is part two of an interview with Mitchel's dad Scott, talking about how Mitchel has become a participant, not a spectator, thanks to his custom, modified Freedom Wheels bike made by TAD.

Read more about TAD’s Freedom Wheels modified bike program enables children with disabilities to ride a bike for the first time. Many of these children cannot walk but they can ride.