A Senior's Story

John Boss is a man on the move. At 85 years young he’s happy walking around the shops with his wife. John uses a walker for extra support and uses the walker’s chair when he needs a breather.

In the large malls, John realised it would be easier to use a walking stick in some of the more crowded shops. He wanted to be able to park the walker outside and use his walking stick for shorter distances.

“I rang around some scooter and walker suppliers who recommended TAD to me,” explains John.

When John came to TAD, volunteer Jim Barrett made an attachment for his walker which could hold his walking stick.

“He did an excellent job. The whole team was excellent. These people that volunteer here are very clever. It’s good to see people who have the skills and knowledge put it to good use when they are retired. It’s an easy job for them but it’s a huge help to me,” says John.

John is putting his modified walker to the test with regular shopping trips. “It’s great but I still can’t keep up with my wife – she’s like a greyhound!”

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