A Therapist's Story

TAD’s Physiotherapist Brendan Worne became interested in physical therapy when he was younger and played a lot of sport.

As a result he got a lot of injuries and had to make frequent visits to the physiotherapist.

It wasn’t long before Brendan realised he wanted to do a job where he could help people and being a physio was a perfect way to achieve that goal.

He didn’t want to be stuck behind a desk and training to become a physiotherapist was the perfect solution, allowing him to get out and about meeting people in the community.

One of Brendan's main responsibilities in his role at TAD is to meet with the clients and the referring therapists to discuss their needs and goals. Then he meets with the volunteers at TAD to come up with a solution.

Brendan also does the assessments for the Freedom Wheels bikes which enable children with disabilities to ride a bike.

The assessments are held as part of the regular Freedom Wheels clinics to evaluate the child’s physical requirements, see how their body moves and judge what support they need on the bike.

This is more important for some children than others. They also discuss the other aspects, for instance:
- Do they need supervision?
- Will there be someone to support them at home?
- Do they have a safe place to ride?

Brendan has been amazed at how many children can ride firmly proving that a disability is not always a barrier to riding a bike.

“It’s a fantastic way for these kids to get exercise from a fun activity. The social benefits are really important, enabling families to do an activity together.”

For Brendan the best part is seeing the smiles on the children’s faces when they ride a bike for the first time or when a piece of equipment has helped achieve one of their goals.

Watch Brendan in a thank you video to Inverell High: