Computer Support

From 5 January 2015, the TAD Disability Services (TAD) Computer Support Service will transition to another charity called WorkVentures. WorkVentures will provide service and support to all existing TAD clients who hold a warranty contract.

WorkVentures offers affordable phone support and refurbished computers and laptops for people who hold a Centrelink, DVA Card or are a not-for profit or school.

Like TAD, WorkVentures believes in the importance of access to technology to increase independence in our community. All future clients will be directed to WorkVentures to continue to receive quality computer packages and ongoing support.

Since 1995 TAD Disability Services has supported low-income earners and people with a disability to access computers and ongoing phone support to give them the assistance, encouragement and confidence to develop their skills for greater participation in the workplace, education and their communities.

The WorkVentures mission is to improve lives through technology, training & practical career skills. They operate Australia’s largest non-profit computer refurbisher and have supplied more than 50,000 computers and laptops since 2002. With an Australian-based call centre, WorkVentures also provides affordable hotline support for people using Microsoft Windows-based computers.

To view the range of packages and services available please contact WorkVentures on 1800 112 205 or visit their website here.