Unique Solutions

Pictured is Abby who has one arm shorter than the other. This caused her to have to stoop over to reach the handles of her baby's pram resulting in back pain. TAD volunteer Col McIntyre built a modified handle so Abby could comfortably and safely push her pram with Piper.

"The new pram handle is perfect. It has really eased the strain on my back. Our volunteer was amazing; so friendly, quick and nothing was too much trouble. It's made walking with my daughter a real pleasure."

Our skilled volunteers build and modify items to help people with disabilities and seniors to live more independently.

Thanks to TAD volunteers, quadriplegic mums have special cots, prams and change tables to meet their exact needs. Children with disabilities have bath seats, mobility carts and supportive seating to make them comfortable at home and school. Seniors have items to support them at home like shower stands, modified walking frames and adjustable chairs and lounges.

TAD employs an Occupational Therapist to work with clients, their carers and our volunteers to design and build the equipment to meet the individual’s therapeutic needs.

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